Monthly Archives: April 2012


Hi all,

Sorry I have been away for awhile. I couldn’t seem to find time to sit down and write at all since classes started! Now that summer’s here again, you’ll hear more from me so I hope you stay tuned.


Currently, my Etsy shop is doing pretty well. I sell crayon art and the majority of it is custom made. On the home front my mom has really started to get into beading and I can’t say that pulling out my old beading supplies hasn’t been fun. I’ve made a ton of bracelets. I’m not much of a necklace girl but I’ve made my mother a few. We have three horses and my mom had a great idea to make horse hair bracelets similar to So far she’s done a few practice runs but I’m trying to convince her to sell them. We’ll see 😀

Hi all,Sorry I …