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Farm Craft Part 2


So this is my original gourd…


As you may recall, this is what I did to the bottom of it.

What of the top? It’s such an interesting shape and with so much material it seems like a waste to just throw it away. So I sat and looked at it for a minute and what pops into my mind? A VERY large calla lily.

So I sanded down the rough pieces and painted it. (Much like I did my bottom half if you would like a tutorial) What would make a better pistil than a creamy yellow tapered candle? So I plopped one in the center and glued it down with 2 part epoxy and then glued the whole thing to a dowel rod that I had laying around which I had also painted and it turned out pretty well. Maybe a little campy, but no more so than those other garden ornaments people stick in the ground. I weather proofed the entire thing with a clear acrylic sealant but I decided I liked it better inside. We have an umbrella plant which is large enough not to look funny with it stuck in the same pot.

Ta da!

Happy Crafting,

Captain Neen

first summer craft


I’ve seen a few posts around lately about succulent wreaths. They look great and in theory, seem to be a good idea so I thought I’d try to make one myself.

Instead of posting my own tutorial I thought I’d just share the one I used to make mine.


I thought it was simply beautiful and I only had two types of succulents (two different Hens and chicks) and I collected several types of moss from my own back yard. Anyway, here is a picture of mine about a month after I finished it. I thought I had taken a pic right after I made it but I can’t seem to find it.

1st summer project

I believe the two hens that seem to be lengthening out like they are is due to the fact it’s hung under my porch roof and isn’t getting as much light as it wants. I’m currently looking for a new place to hang it before it begins to look to other-worldly.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial, get out there and get crafting!