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Movie Review: Death Wish (1974)


Let’s talk for a little bit about movies. I really enjoy movies. I get it honest from my father (who could play three degrees to Kevin Bacon with every actor known to man from the early 60s to the 010s and probably even earlier). My fiance is not so much of a fan. In fact, he hadn’t even seen Miracle on 34th Street until I forced him to sit through it last Christmas. Oh well, we can’t all have time to sit around on our bum and take in a good movie at least once a week like some can. Anyway, I had the bright idea this evening to do a little movie review section in my blog. Now, I promise I’m not going to review any new movies because I’m sure you’ve seen enough about them already. I’ll try to work more on the things that have come out pre-1980s but the 80s and 90s were great for that grungy- I’m-running-away-from-home angst or “coming of age” movies as I suppose they’re categorized as. So we’ll see how this turns out.

Death Wish

I get most of my movies because my dad buys DVDs almost compulsively while I’m away at college and then over the summer I have plenty of new material to work with. So, tonight when I looked for something new I found one still in the wrapper. Death Wish. From the back it sounded like the Boondock Saints with a little bit more of a personal back story to it. I was right, but the beginning is so graphic I was on the verge of turning it off. My fiance up and left after asking what I was watching and then saying it was disgusting, but I decided to stick it out. It was if I was trying to sit through the beginning of Clockwork Orange -a good movie to see once but I’d rather fast forward the beginning than sit through it. Anyway, it gets a lot better after the daughter (who is old enough to be married and not a child btw) gets raped and the wife is beaten to death. Worst scene of the whole movie. The rest of it is great. I suggest watching it. This is simply Death Wish (1974), keep in mind that there are 6 of them and this only speaks for the first. Yay for squeezing every last dime out of any money making movie venture! *cough* land before time *cough.*

Fun fact, it was Jeff Goldblum’s first movie. He was the freaking rapist btw (super disappointed but I guess someone had to do it).

Anyway, check it out!

Good night folks,

Captain Neen