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Ribbon bracelet


Today was upwards of 95 degrees again, nice and sweltering with about 80% humidity… bleh. So when the power went out (for absolutely no reason at all) my brother and I decided to go off the farm and visit my mother for lunch, which would have been a nice and cool outing had my brothers car AC been recharged… bleh again. It was a nice lunch regardless of the heat though, we had good company and good mood food*insert plug for Arby’s here.*

So when we got home and the power was still off, I found it hard to get motivated to work on my furniture make over project, or anything else that involved being outside for that matter. Instead, I made this ribbon bracelet.

I had been surfing the internet a while ago and stumbled on this site

Check out an awesome tutorial here

I wanted to try it out, but in this heat I was not thinking “scarf” AT ALL. So then I remembered this ribbon which I have about 8 spools of for God only knows why and used it instead. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. In order to make this particular bracelet I cut six 18″ lengths of ribbon, folded them in half and tied it with a bit of wax string to hold it. I then duct taped (it was handy) the string to the edge of my work bench and braided away. My very first 12 plait braid. Actually, my first ever braid that wasn’t a three strand braid 😛

The finished product is about 1″ wide, give or take a couple mm, and is so nice and lightweight you’d forget it was there if you could take your eyes off it 😉

Anthropologie Knock Off Bracelet


Yes, yes I know, carve your own path and be your own person etc… However, imitation is the highest form of flattery and when you see something that seems relatively simple which costs $298.00 (not including shipping) and you feel reasonably sure that you can make it yourself, what would you do? You get out the dremel and make it yourself.

I was visiting my fiance’s family last week and I was browsing the internet one night and came across this bracelet from anthropologie.

It is made out of brass and cotton. That is all. So when my fiance wanted to go to the hobby store to pick up some remote control helicopter parts I had this image in mind as I browsed the art supplies. What did I find but a 1″ x 12″ brass sheet. The anthropologie bracelet is 2.5″ wide but I have itty bitty wrists so I thought that 1″ was plenty wide enough. So now that I’ve been holding on to this piece of brass for about 2 weeks while I was away, I finally came home and am able to use it. This is what I made. I originally had a piece of white ribbon in it but then I found this folksy ribbon that was actually the remnants of what my mother had used on a dressed that I wore as a baby!

I enjoyed making it, I think I made the space between ribbon too wide so I think I’ll make another with only about an inch in between (there’s about an inch and a half there) and I think it’ll look much better.

In order to make it, I simply cut off about a 5.5″ section of brass and marked off two slits so that they were roughly 2.5mm from the edge (width wise) and 5mm from the edge length wise. I then bent the brass so that it would fit my wrist in a “U” shape. After that was done, I marked off another slit about half an inch from the curve, about an inch and a half apart as I mentioned earlier. I got the dremel out and went to work tracing my slit marks with a cutting blade. After snapping a couple blades I got the hang of it and it went smoothly. The brass heats up from all the friction so it’s best to wear gloves or hold it with a pair of pliers. Then I weaved the ribbon through, and ta da!

Happy Crafting,

Captain Neen