Project 2: A b-day present for a buddy


First things first, my Anthropologie knock-off was pinged on one of my favorite sites to get inspiration from!


Ok. I’m not sure if I should post this, or pictures of it, until I give away the birthday present but who’s to say the friend in question is going to look here before I give it to her? She doesn’t follow me, and this doesn’t post to my facebook so hmm… Also, her birthday was a month ago yesterday (yes, I’m a bad friend) so I figure she should at least see it if I’m not going to see her for a month or so…


Okie day. So a long, long time ago (Christmas 2010? lol) I made this quilt and I can’t believe I never posted a picture! I was so proud.

So since this was my very first quilt, I wanted to do several different things and so I did the little yarn knots in all the corners (the name of this has left my brain, perhaps permanently) and, you can’t really see it in this picture, but I quilted green bubbles all around in the black area. Also, and I’m pretty stoked about this, notice how the majority of my corners match!

For those of you unfamiliar with 1980’s video games, this is the bubble dragon Bub, of Bubble Bobble. Only the best game EVER. It’s a platformer arcade sort of game (similar to Pac-man) only you run around shooting bubbles at your enemies and then jumping on them to pop ’em, “killing” the bad guys. Unfortunately, if you trap an enemy in a bubble and don’t have a chance to pop it, they turn red and get super angry and super fast and kill the crap out of you- unless you’re pro…like me… or probably my friend Murph… not to brag ;PĀ  So, awesome game which has sucked hours of my life away from me (thank God for teleportation umbrellas). Anyway, I made this quilt and Murph really liked it when she saw it for the first time so insert light bulb.

It took me a week and a half to make that quilt. I get bored easily. So I figured, “no quilts that takes too long, but a pillow…” in my head pillows were smaller, less fabric, and as 1+1=2, I figured, easier.


I swear that pillow took longer than the freakin’ blanket to finish up (I measured it to end up with 1/2″ squares and I’ll never do that again) and some of my corners are WAY off :(. It still looks pretty awesome if you’re not an amazing quilter and frankly, I’m not. Also, for the second thing I’ve ever quilted, I’m still pretty proud of it. šŸ˜›

Happy birthday Murph!

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I enjoy crafts, cooking, movies, and a wide variety of other things which I'm sure you'll hear about soon enough. I'm new to the blogging experience and decided to give it a go after using Stumble Upon for the last few months. I've gotten some great ideas from a variety of blogs and figured I should do my part to spur the imagination and creativity of other stumblers like me. :P

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