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Basket weaving


I have always wanted to weave a basket. Ever since I was little I knew it couldn’t be that difficult and yet I never understood why they were so expensive. So I was in a hobby store again (there was a relatively bad wreck with the remote controlled helicopter and it needed new parts again) and they had basket weaving kits. So for $13.99 I bought one and learned how to make a potato basket. It’s true they are incredibly time consuming, however I was right in thinking that they aren’t difficult at all. If you’ve got a couple hours free(this took me between 5 and 6) one weekend I suggest you buy a kit if you’re interested. It was a lot of fun and the finished product looks awesome. My fiance even said it looked like something his mother would spend upwards of $100 on! 🙂

Anyway, the finished product!

I don’t mean to sound proud, but I think it’s pretty good for never making a basket before in my life!