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Braided Rag Rug


Alright, so what do we do with A LOT of left over fabric? We use it. We use a yard to make a pillow, or a quarter to make a stuffed animal. So after several suggestions I decided I would try my hand at making the braided rag rug suggested by Crochetycrochetlady. Other than the fact that it was a PAIN IN THE BUTT, I think it’s coming along nicely :).

If I were to ever do this project again, I would use double sided fabric that didn’t fray. It would not only have been finished SIGNIFICANTLY sooner but I wouldn’t have ran out of the 6 spools of green thread that I had to buy so that my strips would have finished edges…and still need to go out and buy more. That is, however, the only expense I had for this project. I already had all of the fabric necessary for the project (unfortunately it didn’t use up nearly enough :P) and I braid like speed demon so no problems there.

So what do you need for this project?

About 5 yards of fabric cut into 1″ strips
A clothes pin
Safety Pins
thread to match your fabric
invisible thread
a sheet of fabric the shape and size of your finished rug

To begin, sew three strips together into a “T.” I stitched up to 12 of my cut strips together at a time so I could spend some time sewing and then time braiding however, in order to do this roll up one of the three tails and secure it with the clothes pin so you don’t end up with a tangled mess on your hands. So braid away. I made an oval rug and it took me a minute to think about it but it made sense that however long you make the center strip is the difference between the length and width of the finished project. So, if you want a 3’x5′ rug you need your center strip to be 2 feet long. Mine was just under three feet long so mine finish project will be roughly 5’x 2′ or 6’x3′ depending on how much I want to do. In order to make such a tight turn for the first couple rounds skip a couple strands in the braid. I know that doesn’t really make any sense but I’ll post a picture tomorrow. I have a book that has an absolutely beautiful diagram of it.

Anyway, after the first couple rounds you don’t need to do any special braiding and can just make a straight regular braid. After I had roughly 52 yards [give or take, I used the very scientific fingertip to nose method of measuring (which I actually measured once and was actually pretty accurate for my arm length)] I wrapped it up and safety pinned it so that I could see about how large my rug is and this is what I ended up with.

That’s Daggett, he stole his sister’s bed and she’s not too happy about it but he’s helping me by holding that corner together. ><

He looks so innocent…BAH has he got you fooled!

Now I’m going to add a little more green around the outside edge because I think I have something like 30 or 40 more strips cut already. Then I should be done. As for size, I think it’s almost 5’x2′. By the time I get the rest of my already cut strips on it’ll be about 5.5’x2.5′. We’ll see how it looks again then.


When I do get finished with my braid, I’m going to take my rug sized fabric and finish the edges. Then, I will sew it all together, starting in the center and working clockwise with the invisible thread using the zig-zag stitch.Β  We work clockwise so theΒ  rug won’t get jumbled up in the sewing machine arm.

I’ll post pictures when I’m done, I just wanted you all to know I wasn’t being a TOTAL bum πŸ˜›

Beyond The Picket Fence

Lamps to match!


I bet you guys didn’t think I was doing anything with my crafty summer, well I’ll prove you wrong!

Check out these awesome lamps I painted to go with my new(ish) furniture.

I found these great lamps in the garage today. The brass is a good look but I was looking for something a little brighter and more fun so I got to thinking and since I’m creating a living room from scratch I figured I’d make lamps to match so I looked through my materials and had everything for this project except the primer!

Two lamps to match my room for the cost of a can of spray primer ~$4!

What you’ll need for this project:

Krylon Primer (I used white)
Krylon Paint (I used Regal Blue)
plastic bags
paper towels

I washed off my lamps with a little Windex, brass cleaner would’ve been better but I didn’t have any handy and I just wanted to get the dust off anyway.

Don’t they have the best shape?

I then covered everything I didn’t want painted in plastic bags and taped them shut and to the lamp.

Now cover the thing in primer! It was probably a little too windy for me to do this today but I’m stubborn like that >.<

They kept their class through the primer didn’t they? I almost kept them white but then I remembered they’d be sitting next to a white couch and chair and on a white table… nah, they needed to be blue.

So I let the primer dry, it only about 15 minutes to be dry to the touch but I let it sit for about an hour.

Now for the blue!

This was easier said than done. I thought I had finished the whole thing and sat down and was looking again and the undersides of all of those curves were still white :/ (whoops!)

First coat

second coat…

up close!

Ta da! All done! I also love three way bulbs, and I’m all for saving the universe but I hope the government brings back regular light bulbs. 😦

Oh, I was also down in the barn (these were up on the old picnic table) and it started raining. I completely forgot they were outside, but when I got back the bags had protected the electrical components and the lamps were dry so the rain didn’t bother them at all.

Anyway, not only was this project inexpensive, it was quick and extremely easy. Before you throw your old lamps out, think about anywhere that could use a lamp and then MAKE them match your decor! πŸ™‚


Ribbon bracelet


Today was upwards of 95 degrees again, nice and sweltering with about 80% humidity… bleh. So when the power went out (for absolutely no reason at all) my brother and I decided to go off the farm and visit my mother for lunch, which would have been a nice and cool outing had my brothers car AC been recharged… bleh again. It was a nice lunch regardless of the heat though, we had good company and good mood food*insert plug for Arby’s here.*

So when we got home and the power was still off, I found it hard to get motivated to work on my furniture make over project, or anything else that involved being outside for that matter. Instead, I made this ribbon bracelet.

I had been surfing the internet a while ago and stumbled on this site

Check out an awesome tutorial here

I wanted to try it out, but in this heat I was not thinking “scarf” AT ALL. So then I remembered this ribbon which I have about 8 spools of for God only knows why and used it instead. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. In order to make this particular bracelet I cut six 18″ lengths of ribbon, folded them in half and tied it with a bit of wax string to hold it. I then duct taped (it was handy) the string to the edge of my work bench and braided away. My very first 12 plait braid. Actually, my first ever braid that wasn’t a three strand braid πŸ˜›

The finished product is about 1″ wide, give or take a couple mm, and is so nice and lightweight you’d forget it was there if you could take your eyes off it πŸ˜‰