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23 projects in 3 months


Alright, I have come across a couple blogs recently and I’m convinced that if you don’t use it, you lose it. It’s a rule that applies to almost everything. Your mind, your muscles, the remote to the TV…. your creative talent?

Classes are out for the summer so I won’t be teaching for the next three months. I’ll be taking a summer class, doing a little research and working on processing salamander DNA, and (of course) working on my etsy store and blog.

In the next three months I’m going to finish -key word there- finish 23 projects. Why 23? Because I turned 23 in April and it seemed like a doable number. The rules are there are none, with the exception of my etsy store. Those pieces do not count. Other than that, I’m using this summer to finish everything I’ve started over the last year or so as well as finish some of the projects I have in the folder on my desk top labelled “things to do.”  Yes, I do have a “things to do” folder on my desktop and it’s full of pictures of different crafts and it’s gotten rather large. 

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated for sure. Post if you have a particular project you would like to do or see done and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

See you again soon!