My very first afghan!


…and what an awful one to pick to do! I always see something, know I have the talent and get started on it without remembering my complete and total lack of patience. The women over at the have significantly more time and patience on their hands than I do so I have to give them a hand for these beautiful patterns and making them simple enough for even me to understand!

I hope you enjoy! It took me about two months working on this off and on to complete what I have here. I think I’m going to do the edge a little wider. I think I’ve decided on adding two green stripes, a blue, a pink, and then another blue and it should be good. I’m doing this because I apparently crochet like my underwear’s in a knot and my gauge is a total large block too small 0.0; This is what I get for starting it on a road trip without a ruler huh?

Anyway, check mine out and then hop on over to the Happy Yellow House!

Also, funny story, but I totally didn’t do this on purpose. I bought the yarn long before I started on the furniture and it when I did start on it, it was while I was taking a break on the blanket. Also, the two were never really out in the same room until I moved and then I noticed. I promise I’m not absolutely obsessed with the color green… >.<


About captainneenmo

I enjoy crafts, cooking, movies, and a wide variety of other things which I'm sure you'll hear about soon enough. I'm new to the blogging experience and decided to give it a go after using Stumble Upon for the last few months. I've gotten some great ideas from a variety of blogs and figured I should do my part to spur the imagination and creativity of other stumblers like me. :P

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