Like I said before I like to stumble. It’s a real problem actually. There should probably be a support group for people like me. Anyway, before joining Stumblers Anonymous, I found Jessi Taylor. Her jewelery has a dark, Gothic kind of vibe which I could probably not pull off but I found it intriguing and I am genuinely interested in it. That and she’s sold over 1700 items on etsy which I find incredibly inspiring. So when I stumbled on her site (like forever ago) she was making these kind of rings.

I do believe that that is an actual bee. So I don’t know how I feel about this. I think it’s super cool to see him posed all nice and contained in there but I’m not sure what it would feel like to have a bee attached to my finger for a day. I feel like my brain would make me itchy… or something.

Why on Earth did I call this post dragonfly? Well, not too long ago I was walking to my studio when I happened to look down at my porch rug and see a dragonfly perfectly perched and entirely too still. It was very dead, even though it looked like it could fly away at any minute. It was a beautiful iridescent blue green and black.

I started to pick it up and then I remembered all the films I’ve seen in class and on the discovery channel about parasitic wasps that attack other insects and lay eggs in their bodies. The other insects go along unknowing that they’re carrying a hundred little baby wasps that are eating their way out and eventually the insect ruptures and out crawl all the little babies. OK so that was a little bit of an exaggeration, but even without exaggeration it’s still gross. I don’t remember it ever happening to a dragonfly but it doesn’t matter the thought was there. So I picked up the dragonfly and put him in a ziplock bag so even if he did erupt into millions of baby wasps they’d eat each other and die of suffocation before they could get to me.

Anyway, that was a couple weeks ago. I was looking at him again today and he hasn’t faded at all or anything. I’m not sure how to preserve bugs. Of course with all the wildlife books I have from school in combination with the internet I could probably find out in a matter of minutes but what the hell, he seems pretty dried out to me. So back to Jessi Taylor,Β  I was thinking about making a pendant out of him. Or perhaps one of those key chains that you see in museums for little kids with all the exotic bugs in them.Β  I don’t know, what do you think? Would it be to morbid and creepy, or would it be cool?

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I enjoy crafts, cooking, movies, and a wide variety of other things which I'm sure you'll hear about soon enough. I'm new to the blogging experience and decided to give it a go after using Stumble Upon for the last few months. I've gotten some great ideas from a variety of blogs and figured I should do my part to spur the imagination and creativity of other stumblers like me. :P

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    • I know, I know. It’s not like I go around squashing bugs and scooping up their remains. He was literally RIGHT THERE and so SHINY! Anyways, I think little dragonfly will return to the circle of life and all that jazz tomorrow morning lol he’s a little big to put in anything jewelery wise anyway.

      Also, you can’t tell me you never thought those scarab beetle resin key chains at museums and zoos weren’t cool when you were younger. πŸ˜›

      A trade sounds cool actually, I’ve never done a craft trade before. Let me check out your doilies again and think about potential colors and you can think about what general size you would like (I have a wide variety of gourd sizes) as well as what color you would like. As for size, think height as well as width because some are really fat where others are skinny. This is great actually because I have gourds EVERYWHERE now that I did that project and yesterday afternoon one fell off the shelf and would’ve probably broken open had my head not been there to break the fall 😑 I threatened to throw the whole lot of them away but didn’t have any trash bags handy πŸ˜›

  1. No I was raised in a military family during VietNam. We spent a lot of time overseas and didn’t live any place that had zoos until I was in high school. I did make “creepy crawlies”… (ask your Mom about what they were) LOL!

    I have made lots of trades and just given stuff my stuff away. I like trading because I get a present in the mail!! I need to put some more pictures on my blog…. I changed my blog recently and deleted some stuff that was just me melting down or bitching, trying for something different! I would love for you to just make a few lilys and maybe even send a few gourds for me to make into bird houses. My cats and dogs like to watch the birds. I really do love the lilys, I’d like to make a patio table center peice out of them, cute huh??

    • I do enjoy getting something other than bills in the mail. I also changed my blog. Originally it was going to be about cooking healthy as a college kid but I gave up because as soon as you put anything green in front of my fiance he won’t eat it! πŸ˜› I figured I was better at making crafty things anyway.

      If you are going to make a center piece out of the lilys you’d probably want some smaller ones. I’ve been debating how I would send them to you, since mine is attached to a dowel rod. Would you rather just have the gourd and candle top part? I could attach some florist wire through the base so that it may be easier to manage in a flower arrangement. What did you have in mind?

      I’d also be happy to send you some plain gourds, I’m told in order to make them into bird houses you still have to take the seeds out and the opening for the house should be roughly 5″ from the base so they have plenty of room to build a nest inside. So i’ll send you some monsters as well πŸ˜€

    • Also, our dog Faye was watching a bird once and we were just kinda laughing about it but suddenly she leaped into the air and literally caught it mid-flight. It was terrifying. She’s watched them ever since and even made tiny leaps for them but I think the rumor spread among the animal kingdom because no bird has flowen low enough for her to catch it again. We also have a barn cat now and keep finding wings in our arena so so much for the barn swallows. Anyway, if your pets are anywhere as creative as ours seem to be please hang the houses up as high as you can!

  2. My dogs are too little to catch birds. We have an elderly Chaweenie and a Sish-Tzu that will be 1 next week. I love your dogs but would hate having the big ones in bed with me. Sarah is very cute! My cats would love to catch the birds, squirrels and lizards but I don’t let them! @ are pound kitties and one cost way too much to let him wander outside!! He’s on my blog, Max!

    Look at the pics on the blog or if you see a pattern you like let me know. And the colors! Let’s make this easier, do you have a facebook login? If so I can give you my name, I have lots of pictures on my page.

    • Aw, that will be 1 next week? I’m so sorry. Our dogs are literally family members (mom says “go with sissy” when I’m taking them out) and it’s so sad to loose one. I’ve never been around little dogs and my impression of them was that they were kinda yappy but I was wrong. Sarah is the quietest animal I’ve ever encountered. I bet your dogs are awfully cute, is a Chaweenie really what it sounds like – a Chihuahua and a Dachshund? How many cats do you have? I saw Max, he looks very interesting. What kind of cat is he? I’m not very familiar with cat breeds but I consider ours to be your regular medium haired house (barn in our case) cat. Her name is Bones but comes to Miss Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty, she found us just like Sarah did and is nice and fat and happy in our barn. πŸ˜› She is actually the most vocal cat I have ever been around. Did you know that cats only ‘meow’ at humans? They make a variety of other noises to other cats and animals but never ‘meow’ at each other as adults.

      I sent an email to you at miss-ming@sbcglobal.net discussing facebook and possible doilies but I would like to see your other patterns as well!

  3. Sorry, I ment that she will be 1 year old not dead!!! Ekk need to watch how I word things!! LOL. Sissy, is the Shih Tzu’s name and she is my baby!! Max in an Oriental BluePoint Siamese, his mommy was a grand champion! His registered name is MaxmilIion Blue. I had always heard that cats only meow at humans and I used to believe it since mine will shut up if I answer them. BUT, Jake, (he’s on my FB) will yell for Max! I swear it’s true because Max will answer him and run off to find him!!!

    I just love my fuzzy kids.

    • Haha ohmygosh! I could just stop reading comments at 1am >.< I'm so glad though! Your pets are so cute. I've always thought that Shih tzus looked like the ewoks from star wars. So that always makes me happy. I'm more familiar with dogs but max is beautiful! Are his eyes always going to be blue or is he still a kitten? That's really cute that they do meow at each other! I always like exceptions to the 'rules' πŸ™‚

  4. Yep all Siamese have blue eyes. The pic on my phone really makes his eyes look blue! Siamese are weird cats, they can be very dog like. Max is around 2 years old.
    Jake is part Siamese and has blue eyes, too.

    I have pictures of last Halloween when Sissy was a little pup. She has on a pumpkin doggy costume and lookes just like an e-wok!

    • Oh how cool, our weimies had blue eyes when they were born but the turn a goldish green color that some people think make them look creepy. I just noticed that we are completely off blog topic now but how did you get into oriental cats?

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